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Published on July 8th, 2011 | by We Are S.M.E


[SME MEETS] Lewi White *EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW @ “Young Guns” Official Video Screening*

You may not have heard of Lewi White, but the veteran producer is stepping out from the shadows and will soon be releasing his debut album.

Having signed a publishing deal with Bucks Publishing in May 2011 Lewi White is kick-starting the Summer with a plethora of download releases. As well as working on Devlin’s second album (Island Records / Universal), Lewi is to release his own as-yet-untitled album which will encompass a larger variety of genres including Dubstep and Drum & Bass as well as Grime and Hip Hop; showcasing Lewi’s versatility as a producer for a generation of new music.

From the age of fifteen Lewi White was already familiar with the growth of London’s infamous pirate radio circuit, and became associated with some of the top names in the underground dance scene. This early introduction into music led to him turning his trade to producing aged just seventeen….Now 26, Lewi White is one of the most sought after young producers on the urban music circuit.

Owner of ‘Beyond Da Booth’ studios, which he describes as “home to the boys”, Lewi is a true underground veteran. He’s produced for some of the scene’s best known names including Roll Deep, Chipmunk and Tinchy Styder, Devlin, Ed Sheeran, Griminal and Yasmin. Lewi most recently produced a number of tracks on Devlin’s 2010 debut album ‘Bud, Sweat & Beers’ which was a top 20 hit. Lewi also worked on a number of projects with Paul Weller, including 2010′s remake of ‘Fast Car, Slow Traffic’ with Devlin.

This new era for Lewi starts with the release of his single “Young Guns” which features some of the best talent that the UK has to offer; Ed Sheeran, Yasmin, Devlin and Griminal.

SME were lucky enough to be invited down to both the first play, and exclusive screening of the official video, at Soho Hotel’s intimate basement cinema last week. Whilst there we grabbed Mr. White for a quick chat. See what he had to say, below.

How did you go about bringing everyone together for the recording of “Young Guns”?

It’s a bit of a weird story really. Devs, Ed, Griminal, Yasmin and a few others had a photoshoot for RWD in Bethnal Green and I happened to be driving past. I saw Devs and knowing him well I called him to ask what he was doing in Bethnal Green of all places. We went to the studio literally 20 minutes later and started recording “Young Guns”.

So how long have you been friends with Devlin?

I’ve known Dev for years. He recorded his first ever tune with me when I set up my first studio at my mums house.

Would you say you’ve had a big influence on his music?

I’d like to think I’ve got some kind of influence on his music, but at the same time he influences me. I produced most of his first album “Bud Sweat And Beers”, but it’s a two way thing.

What made you decide to step out from producing in the background and start putting out your own tunes?

I couldn’t even tell you, it’s just happened naturally. I’ve been in the game for years; since the Nasty Crew days I was making music, but that was always behind the scenes. It’s a bit weird seeing everyone here (at the screener) wanting to talk to me about my song!

We’ve seen all of the brilliant trailers that have been causing a storm online; tell us about the concept of the video for “Young Guns”.

Well firstly I have to big up the director of the video Carly Cussen who did a excellent job. In the video, Ed Sheeran, Devlin, Griminal and Yasmin all have their own energies; think of it like the X-Men films. Ed is fire, Devlin is rain, Griminal is earth and Yasmin is wind. They’re all wired up and I’m a scientist in the lab trying to sap their energies out of them. The concept is taken from us working in the studio, because that’s what I do; I’m an engineer as well as a producer and whenever I work with someone, I try and get the best out of them.

What other projects have you been working on apart from “Young Guns”?

There’s a mixtape that just went out called ‘Home Of The Great’. It’s a 10 track EP recorded in my studio’s ‘Beyond The Booth’. I’ve used it as a platform to build my album on which I’m working on now. It’s a bit difficult because I’m really busy working with Devlin on his new album. And I’m also working closely with Ghetts on his new album.

What would you say your priority is right now?

Working with all of my close friends are my priority but I’d say that getting Devlin’s new album done is important because he’s already out there and just needs to be pushed a little bit further to mark his stamp in the game. The last album set a platform and I’ve got faith that he will achieve even bigger things.

What sound can we expect from Devlin’s new album?

From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s going to be an epic sound. All of the beats I’ve given him are big movie and theatrical sounding music so it should be big!

We look forward to hearing it, we’re massive fans of Devs. And more importantly, right now, we can’t wait to see the video! To the bar…

The official video for “Young Guns” will premier at 4pm tomorrow (Saturday 9th July) on Channel AKA.

The single will be released the following day, Sunday 10th July, and you can pre-order it HERE.


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